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The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat popularised by Lewis Carroll's depiction of it in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The term originated from an English saying coined by Peter Pindar. The Cheshire Cat has had a notable impact on popular culture. Cheshire is an English county famous for its cheese, salt mining and silk.

Cheshire cat


The Cheshire Cat as he appears in Disney's Alice in Wonderland In the 1951 Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat is depicted as an intelligent yet mischievous character that sometimes helps Alice and sometimes gets her into trouble. He is voiced by Sterling Holloway and later by Jim Cummings after Holloway's death. The Disney version of the character can also be spotted during the final scene of the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Prior to the release of the Walt Disney animated adaption of the story, scholars observed few specific allusions to this character. Martin Gardner, author of the The Annotated Alice, wondered if T. S. Eliot had the Cheshire Cat in mind when writing Morning at the Window but notes no other significant allusions in the pre-war period.

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